Change your status

Mouthwash Tabs
Wash the fear out of your mouth

9.00€ / 45g
Karma Shower Bomb
You can be happy even if there’s change

3.90€ / Τεμ.
Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb
Life out of balance

3.90€ / Τεμ.
Little Bottle Of Calm
Bath Bomb
Declare each day a holiday and watch your worries fade away

4.20€ / Τεμ.
Little Pot Of Energy
Naked Body Lotion
Hop, skip and jump

12.90€ / 125g
Not Sleepy Shower Bomb
Banish apathy

3.90€ / Τεμ.
Sleepy Shower Bomb
Bedtime is nothing to fear

3.90€ / Τεμ.
Spinning Plates
Bubble Spinner
Need to do sweet FA for a while?

6.90€ / Τεμ.
Under the Umbrella Tree
Bath Bomb
Take a walk through the Tibetan tundra

5.90€ / Τεμ.
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