Body Lotions

Welcome to a whole new world of softness

Dream Cream
Body Lotion
Soothe, calm and hydrate

19.00€ / 240g
Dream Cream self-preserving
Heavenly hydration
Heavenly hydration

7.90€ / 45g
Karma Kream
Body Lotion
Instant Karma

20.00€ / 225g
Little Pot Of Energy
Naked Body Lotion
Hop, skip and jump

12.90€ / 125g
Cheeky Balm
Make Your Derrière Great Again

8.90€ / 95g
Body Lotion

10.10€ / 95g
Sympathy for the Skin
Body Lotion
Cool bananas; cool skin

16.00€ / 240g
All Purpose Balm
Mini tin, mighty protection

13.50€ / 45g
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