Massage Bars

Go naked with one of these packaging-free massage oils

Black Stockings
Body Tint
For a golden glow

8.50€ / 30g
Each Peach (And Two's A Pair)
Massage Bar
Exotic citrus energiser

8.00€ / 50g
Massage Bar
Warming and stimulating

9.00€ / 60g
Limited Edition
Hunny Bear
Massage Bar
Dare to bear

7.90€ / 55g
Oval Tin
Massage Bar Tin
A less bare bar

2.00€ / Τεμ.
Massage Bar
Feels so good

10.00€ / 60g
Shimmy Shimmy
Shimmer Bar
For skin that shines

7.20€ / 30g
Soft Coeur
Massage Bar
Give a little love

6.10€ / 30g
Tender Is The Night
Massage Bar
Sensually soft

10.00€ / 60g
Massage Bar
Because everybody needs a little sometimes

9.70€ / 50g
Wiccy Magic Muscles
Massage Bar
Aches and pains, begone!

8.20€ / 70g
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